Gaye LePage

Gaye LePage

Gaye LePage, July 13, 1941 - February 8, 2014

It is with sadness and joy that we honour our friend and fellow thespian, Gaye LePage.Gaye LePageGaye LePage

Gaye had a wonderful laugh and sense of humor and that is how I will remember her. When I found out last night that she was in palliative care, I was, as many of you, shocked, saddened and at a loss for words. The last time I spoke to her, about a month ago, she was playing cards and we had a short, but lovely visit on the phone. Whenever I think of her and as I write this, I can't help but use the word "lovely" to describe her. She was lovely.

Please take a look at the You Tube video posted with a few memorable moments we shared with her. Feel free to add your own memories or comments. I have copied a few below from Gaye's Facebook page.

Please join Gaye's family and friends in a celebration of her life. Share this event with all that knew and loved Gaye LePage



Here are a few words about Gaye from her many friends and fellow thespians:

From Dean Paul Gibson ... i'm also very sorry to read about this. Having Gaye in rehearsal/workshop was such a delight because I was always so encouraged by her willingness to take direction and push herself to grow as an actor and artist. Her spirit will serve as a continued inspiration to many (me included) and be missed by all of us who had the pleasure of sharing her light. with respect and admiration, dpg xo



I was quite taken aback and shocked, as many of your were, to hear of the passing of our lovely friend and fellow actor Gaye LePage . Gaye always had a hug and a smile for everyone . For myself I did my first show with Gaye , Romeo and Juliet, where she played the nurse so magnificently. She always could be counted on for kind and encouraging words which sure helped me as I came back to acting after years of being away from it. Not long after that Gaye played my wife in the Norbals at Surrey Little Theatre, again a lovely experience. I used to stand backstage every night before I came on and listen to her lovely speech about her son/daughter and our family where never failed to being me to tears.It made my performance more real. On one of her trips to Britain ,Gaye brought me back a lovely Harrods bag from London , which I use as my PLAY bag ( many of you have seen me with it)which I take to the theatre when I have a role. I will think of you fondly every time I use it ( this coming week as a matter of fact). Thanks Gaye. There is a emptiness in our theatre world tonight where you used to be....we all love you so much..your radiant smile and cheer will be so greatly missed. ~ Raymond Douglas Hatton

The world lost a wonderful soul, today. RIP Gaye. You have been one of my largest theatrical inspirations. ~ Parker Thompson

Gaye was so kind, and enthusiastic and playful. She was just a lovely lady! Rest in peace... ~ Colleen Byberg

...Gaye was an amazing actress, made me verklempt every night with her monologue, but off stage she was even better. Her positive, encouraging spirit will always be remembered. ~ Patricia Schmidt Braun

...Thank you for your kindness and playfulness. I just looked at the "Murder on the Rerun" program yesterday. This has so caught me... what a hole you have left here. Your energy, brilliance. Hoping you share it and have a blast up there in Heaven. You are in good company. Love, Nikki  ~ Nikki Bryce

Five years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Gaye LePage in Romeo and Juliet with the Emerald Pig Theatrical Society. She was cast as the Nurse to Juliet, and she was always the professional. She knew when it was time to joke and laugh with the rest of the cast and crew and she knew when it was time to settle down and get at it. As the Nurse, she was a riot. Every scene she was in, she not only made the audience laugh, but the rest of us backstage laugh too, and we would stifle ourselves trying not to ruin the scene. Offstage, she was professional, but she was also very kind and outgoing. She would talk to everyone on the set, regardless of who was who. I got to know her somewhat well and I thoroughly enjoyed being in her company. It was six months of rehearsals, performances with a lot of laughs and fun in between. Unfortunately, after the last performance of Romeo and Juliet, time took its toll and we lost touch with each other. My memories of Gaye are nothing but happy and joyful. She was, and will always be, a lady. I will miss you Gaye. Rest in Peace. ~ Jamie Healy

Today we lost a gentle soul in Gaye LePage. A good friend and a wonderful actress, she truly made the world a little bit lighter. You will be missed, Gaye. I'm happy to have had the privilege of knowing you and working with you and making memories together. ~ Nathanael Vass

I know you're brightening up the 'waiting room' dear Gaye LePage. Your talent, friendship, and zest for life will be missed.  ~ Sharon Kilback

You will be missed Dear Gaye. I can't believe you're gone - still in shock! You were he best scene partner ever at all those many workshops we shared together. ~ Helen Embury

Such a beautiful and talented person. The theatre community has lost one of its brightest stars today. You will be greatly missed Gaye LePage. I feel privileged to have known you and to have worked on so many projects together. Rest in peace my friend. ~ Claire Bays Pinkett

The night sky will be brighter now, another light has risen.
But then, you've always been a star!
Blessed to have known you, rest well dear lady, xo  ~ Angela Bell

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