The Gaye LePage Spotlight Award

The Gaye LePage Spotlight Award 2015

Sponsored by Expect Theatre

presented to Beverly E. Pride at the 2015 Fraser Valley Zone Festival

Bev has been involved in every possible job and position except as a Director of a production in the regular season of a theatre. She has though directed, mentored, guided, many youth theatre shows.

In the nearly 20 years she’s decorated over 35 sets, designed 15, produced 15, staged managed 10, lights and sound design for 2, ran the technical part for 2, set designed, constructed and decorated sets for the youth shows. She has been a properties creator, manager and worked at many different jobs as backstage crew.

Bev’s acted in 9 shows, deciding after being in theatre for 5 years, tired of washing toilets and painting sets and was ready to become an "actress".   Her first role was in the comedy, "A Good Man" in 2000, directed by Dale Kelly, she was lucky enough to receive the CTC's award for Best Actress in a Lead Role...which was a total surprise as she thought she had a supporting role. And she still came in early to clean the bathrooms.

She was the CTC representative for SLT for 1 season and realized the greater picture of community theatre in BC and then even a bigger appreciation after her first Theatre BC production in 1998 with a SLT production called Eat Your Heart Out.

Bev’s had the privilege of receiving many CTC and TBC Best this and that awards (I. e. Set Design and Set Decorating; Best Production) and have appreciated the accolades from my peers.  The greater award for Bev, though, is the one received from the patrons of community theatre.   She says there is nothing like the laughter, tears and cheers of an appreciative audience.  

Bev was involved in the Youth Theatre Program for Surrey Little Theatre, 1996 to 2001.  She was producer/director/coordinator, along with various other members of Surrey Little Theatre, for the summer youth program that ran from May to July.  And for the last 2 years, has been the coordinator for the Bard in the Valley summer camps.

Her education in Community Theatre is mostly by experience in doing the job, however she have attended many workshops over the years, including ones from directors Dean Paul Gibson, Stephen Drover, Marco Hohlbein and Lou Lou Leroux. 

She’s attended workshops in Lighting and Sound design with Jim Garnett and Des Renard, Costume design with Pat McLean and Bunny Pattison. 

As Stage Manager of a show, including one where the producer hit the lead actor in the face on opening night, Bev’s been able to absorb the work done by the director.

Bev has worked with SLT directors JP Slater, Martin Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd, Dwayne Campbell, Alaina Holland, and Dale Kelly.  At LP, worked with Helen Embury, Dave Williams, Mary Renvall, Marco Hohlbein and Rita Price.  At Emerald Pig, Bev has worked on various sets with Sharon Malone, John Stuart and Cathie Young.

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