Renovations for Six, by Norm Foster

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“One the funniest and most ingenious plays by Canada’s most produced playwright I have yet seen.” — Stage Door

In Maple Ridge January 25, 26, 27 at 7:30pm and January 28 at 1pm at the Albion Comm. Ctr
In Pitt Meadows February 8, 9, 10 at 7:30pm and February 11 at 1pm at Heritage Hall

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Three couples, embracing change in their somewhat dishevelled dwellings, are looking for happiness. All three couples are undergoing home renovations. In so many ways, renovation and its disturbing upheaval becomes a visual metaphor here for the lives of Foster’s engaging characters. Foster, in his usual flair for one-liners, draws you into all three of these relationships through hilarity and laughter.

Good-looking Grant and his attractive wife Shayna have issues. Shayna wants to be loved and romanced, not just serviced while he counts the minutes before he’ll be late at the store. But Grant prefers quickie sex, just before dashing out the door to take his place managing the local furniture store. You begin to wonder if he has time to get his pants off, never mind engage in foreplay. Yet you believe these two love each other and want to make a go of their partnership in the big room with the Smokey Salmon walls.

Wing and his rapscallion wife Billie are having second thoughts about that suffocating Smokey Salmon stuff on their walls. Billie and Wing are on the far side of a long and comfortable relationship. He still gets jealous she might have had an affair years ago, when they were a song-and-dance team shuffling through “Tea for Two”. She’d like to put on her dance shoes and go back into show business. But he’d prefer to continue selling furniture and appliances at the store where Grant has newly arrived as the boss.

Veronica Dunn-Dudet is a smug psychiatrist who feels somewhat superior to her more genuine, genteel husband Maurice. We know she’s condescending and aloof. We realize he’s more romantic and positive, searching for fulfilment in a new, more creative worklife. Something unsaid separates this couple until a resolution is struck late in Foster’s second act. That, you understand, is when revelations are shot in the air like out-of-control Frisbees.

When everyone meets up at Grant and Shayna’s half-decorated home for drinks, limp green pickles and some slightly burned spring rolls, things definitely heat up. Foster gets off a litany of put-downs about the unimaginative finger foods people serve at such shindigs. He suggests, too, how uncomfortable people can be meeting in a social situation when they don’t actually know each other. More than anything, though, he forces his six characters to square off over troubling truths. All hell breaks loose at the party in this fast-paced comedy, as secrets are revealed and cultures clash.

One of his newer plays, Norm Foster is at the top of his game with “Renovations for Six”. A laugh riot any married couple is bound to relate to, as will anyone who’s ever been in a relationship. If you enjoy a great comedy, this one’s definitely for you!

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The Production Team
Producers: Angela Bell and Simon Challenger
Director: Angela Bell
Production Assistant: Anita Kitkowski
Technical and Set Designs: Angela Bell
Set Construction: Simon Challenger
Props: Heather Van Oene, members at large
Program: Angela Bell
Poster Design: Reginald Pillay
Costumes: Team effort
Audition Support: Heather Lee

The Cast
Peanut White as Shayna Perkins
Paul Sawyer as Grant Perkins
Simon Challenger as Wing Falterman
Heather Van Oene as Billie Falterman
Judith Betzler as Veronica Dunn-Dudet
Henry Bartak as Maurice Dudet

Renovations for Six is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, GGA

*Some excerpts taken from the Hamilton Spectator, credit to Gary Smith.

The Last Real Summer, by Warren Graves

Directed by Angela Bell

Written by Canadian author Warren Graves, and set in Alberta, Canada. The Last Real Summer is a fascinating and emotional story, centered around 2 young lives at the start of World War II. Narrated by Elizabeth Wharton (played by Cindy Peterson), who returns to her childhood home town after the loss of her husband, and finds herself face to face with many touching and funny memories. As she tells the story, the memories come to life on the stage as we join in her reverie.

The Last Real Summer is a story about love, war, and growing up.

This show is suitable for ages 10 and up.

The Last Real Summer has been entered into the Fraser Valley Zone Festival (Theatre BC), running at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre between May 21 and 26 (our performance is on May 26). Tickets available at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

The Team!

The Production Team
Executive Producer: Emerald Pig Theatrical Society ~ Simon Challenger, President
Producer/Director: Angela Bell
Production Assistant: TBD
Set and Technical Designs: Angela Bell
Costumes: Shelley Boe
Props: TBD
Programs: TBD
Poster Design by Cindy Farnsworth, Farnsworth Designs
Audition Support: Robin Perry
Front of House: Heather Lee, Robin Perry, Heather VanOene, Shawn Jodway, Diane Tzingounakis

The Cast
Cindy Peterson as Elizabeth Wharton
Rachel Jansen as Lizzie Tingley
Tyler Boe as Douglas Cameron
Henry Bartak as Herbert Tingley
Peanut White as Molly Tingley
Anita Kitkowski as Peggy Cameron
Dominic Renaud as Duncan Cameron
Jill Menkveld as Kathy Wharton

Halfway There, by Norm Foster

Directed by Angela Bell

We had SO MUCH FUN putting this show on for you! Sincere thanks to everyone who came out to see us for your support of the arts in our community!

“Want to laugh until your sides ache? Want to see Canada’s most prolific playwright at the very top of his game? ‘Halfway There’ is Norm Foster at his most beguiling…” Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

Halfway There is a truly special show with genuine laughter and love” Sam Tweedle, Kawartha NOW

Halfway There was a hilarious experience that also tugged at your heartstings when it needed to.” Todd Vaughan, Lacombe Express

There’s no such thing as a secret in Stewiacke. Not when the gossips meet for coffee every day at the local diner. Vi, Rita, Mary Ellen, and Janine are all as close as can be, and they know everybody’s business. But when Sean, a heartbroken doctor, moves in to take a temporary job at the clinic, he tips the Maritime town off its axis.

What follows is a month of lessons learned for all, through hilarity, tears and the bonds of unshakeable friendship. Sugar and spice and everything nice…with a dash of Maritime salt!

Written by Canada’s own Norm Foster, “Halfway There” is a feel-good theatrical experience that will keep you smiling long after you leave the theatre.

The Team!

The Production Team
Producers: Angela Bell and Simon Challenger
Director: Angela Bell
Production Assistant: Jen S
Technical and Set Designs: Angela Bell
Set Construction: Simon Challenger
Props: Maria Jelavich-Carter
Program: Angela Bell
Poster Design by Cindy Farnsworth, Farnsworth Designs
Costumes: Team effort
Audition Support: Robin Perry, Kathleen Hatley, Heather Van Oene

The Cast
Sara Zaitsoff as Rita
Sandi Bossons as Vi
Karla Scribner as Mary Ellen
Liam Coughlan as Sean Merrit
Paige Conzatti as Janine Babineau

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